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Interesting facts Damavand Mountain

On 1 August 1999, a group from the Societe de Volcanologie Geneve ascended the ice- and rock-covered summit. On the way up the N flank they saw vertical coal deposits below 2,450 m elevation, reaching thicknesses of tens of meters. Above 4,000 m elevation huge blocks were seen that appeared to have traveled from ~1 km above. Just below the summit were large sulfur-bearing blocks that appear to be mixed with a clay- like material. Within 100 m of the N rim of the summit chunks of pure sulfur were observed. The circular summit crater was ~150 m in diameter. In the center of the crater lay a small frozen lake approximately 40 m across. From the N rim of the summit, an active fumarole could be seen to the south.

Migratory Bird Watching Northern Iran

Each year from November until February several thousands migratory birds can be observed in northern Iran along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea.
Three areas of interest

Bujagh National Park in Western Caspian

Miyankaleh Peninsulah (also a National Park) to the east


Here are some of the species 

Bujagh National Park:
Tadorna ferruginea , آنقوت
Fulicaچگر Sternidae    دریایی پرستو Cygnus قو
Mesophoyx قار سرده
Anas creccaخوتکا
Numenius گیلانشاه
Anas Penelopeگیلار
Podicipedidae کشیم
Ciconiidae لک لک Larus کاکایی Phalacrocoracidae باکلان Ardeidae حواصیل Gruidae درنا<