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Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2016

Visa on Arrival for Iran extended

After much rumor today the Iranian Consulate in Brussels told a client of Caspiantrek that the Visa on Arrival has been extended to 30 days and it is extendable for a further 15. This except for UK/US and Canadian passport holders.

Interesting video on Iranian Wildlife This is a fascinating video about wildlife in Iran.

Ancient Iran; a journey deep into history

Iran has many surprises. This photograph shows you why. There are cemeteries dating back 10000 years. In order to see autehntic Iran you need someone who travells where others overlook. You may write to me to get a guide to show you places few Iranians and foreigners get to see.

Travel insurance for the independent traveller

Now that the sanctions are easing it should not be so difficult to get a travel insurance for Iran however if you find it hard to get an insurance policy especially to cover sports and adventure then here is a good solution. A friend of mine who also used to help out in khoonegeli eco lodge is now in charge of insurance policies for foreign travellers visiting Iran, his studied in the UK and speaks fluent English his name is Ashkan and his email is Enjoy Iran!!!