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Shahre Yeri

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Los Sitios UNESCO en Irán

  Los sitios UNESCO en Irán son: Parque Nacional de Masuleh (2003) Ciudad antigua de Yazd (2017) Zona arqueológica de Pasargada (2004) Centro histórico de Isfahán (1979) Ciudadela de Arg-e Bam y sus alrededores (2004) Jardines históricos de Fin (2011) Arquitectura religiosa e histórica del centro de Tabriz y su entorno (2010) Complejo cultural de Soltanieh (2005)

What does the LP say about I ?

Zarrin Desert Yazd

 You are in for a nice surprise. An incredible trek in one of the least explored deserts of Iran. Its remoteness has meant that it has stayed pristine and four wheel drivers have not yet got to it. Few, if any people have walked the entire L shaped dunes separated by playas and beautiful dried salt lakes. It is some 50 aerial kilometres and probably over 70 ground kilometres. The altitude of the dunes is between 800 to 1100 meters above sea level. The best time to do it would be from mid October until late March.  It is now on offer. Write to or send a message to +989371501993 to talk directly to Farzin Malaki the guide. Follow Alamuttrek Instagram page for up to date photos.

Welcome back

 The tourists can come back,  The Iranian government opened the borders to foreign tourism a couple of months ago but you need to be fully vaccinated again Covid 19 and show an update PCR Good place to visit,  Iran ! Welcome back. 

COVID-19 PCR Tests, Iran Tourism

June 2021, the Iranian Government is still not allowing tourists into the country. A campaign was recently set up to sign a petition asking the Government to allow tourists back in , now that mass vaccination is under way in many of the countries whose citizens have traditionally been interested in Iran as a holiday destination. In God we trust! Flingers crossed ! In-Sha-- Allah !!