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Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2017

Oat- The documentary

A fascinating documentary by the late renowned anthropologist Dr Nader Afshar Naderi on the tribes of the Zagros mountains.

Bird watching in Iran

There are 548 species of bird recorded in Iran which belong to 26 Order and 68 Families. If you are interested in a bird watching tour of Iran please write to Here is a useful website for reference

Ismailites and their Castles in Iran and Syria

This is a scholarly book on this interesting subject{9FBE298D-9FCE-4C9A-A4FA-3C2B6D2D7D48}

Cloud Sunami

Andy was a man from down under. He was travelling with his girlfriend round the world doing a bit of everything, paragliding, deep sea diving etc and then they came to me for hiking. I chose Lemira a summer settlement south of Khoonegeli above the forest line. It is an authentic settlement of some 50 odd houses which only sees people in the hot summer months when people from Tonekabon escape the humid heat of the Caspian littoral to spend a few weeks with their families and friends there. There is still no road access to the village. Here is what we encountered. It was a memorable night of rain and wind but boy the clouds were amazing.