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Off-Road trips Iran

If you are looking to go off road in Iran and have your own vehicle or want to hire a four wheel drive 4WD vehicle in Iran with or without a driver then please write to or send a message to +989371501993

Google currency converter and the Iranian Rial

If you plug in 1 USD and convert it into the Iranian Rial using this application from Google you will get something like 42000 Rials.
This exchange rate is not what you would get in Iran.
You would get over twice as much these days something like 120000 Rials or 12000 Tomans.
Why? Because this is the official exchange rate i.e exchange rate for the Government organizations and related businesses to import and export and there is the parallel exchange rate.
The parallel exchange rate is still legal. It is for ordinary Iranians and tourists alike to buy and sell non Iranian currency.
Where do you exchange to get this rate? In most banks, bureau de change, hotels etc.

Ramadan in Iran

In the holy month of Ramadan, if you are travelling in Iran, note that you may not eat and drink in public in the hours of daylight. If you are trekking then it is fine to do so in the mountains but clearly you should avoid doing this in settlements.
Restaurants are usually closed but there will be some open to cater for travellers, Iranians and tourists alike. The problem is to identify which is open as they tend to cover their windows so that passersby do not get a glimpse of people eating inside or put a sign up in Farsi announcing their business as usual.
Intercity buses will make the usual stop on the way for passengers to eat and drink.