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e Visas for Iran

Now you can have your Iranian visa and not have it stamped in your passport.
I remember Cuba used to do this when I visited the Island in the 1990's
So if you travel to the US you need not worry.
Happy travels!

After I wrote this Benjamin an old client of ours wrote in from the Netherlands telling me that some airlines share passenger information with the US authorities, just to bear this in mind.

Why can't we just exist!

Where to see my photographs

I took a year out of medicine and studied photography at the London Institute. It was a course called the Professional Photographic Practice offered at their Back Hill site. It must have been 1997.
I am not good at technologies, neither do I have the patience for sitting on my bottom editing, uploading etc. However, I have discovered that this site works well for me so I am uploading photos there from my treks. Maybe I will also upload other photos in the future.