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Khoonegeli eco-lodge and trek reservation-useful to know!

To book a room in Khoonegeli eco-lodge the first night is payable in full.

To book a trek:

If you are booking over 4 weeks prior to the start of the trek then 30% of the estimated total is payable in order to book a trek.

If you are booking less than 4 weeks prior to the start then 50% is payable.

If the booking is made from within Iran and is less than a week before the start of the trek 100% of the cost of the trek may be payable.

Deposits may be paid by bank transfer into an account in the EU or via Pay Pal, all bank and Pay Pal charges for the transfer is to be covered by the person making the transfer.

When booking from within Iran then the deposit may be paid into an Iranian bank account, this may be done 1. By personally taking cash into a branch or 2. Asking your hotel or a third party to do an on-line or card to card transfer. Full refund is made if travellers are rejected entry into the country.

Any other cancellation will incur a penalty depending on the season and the time of the notice prior to the booking date. When paying cash the preferred currency is Euros although Rials and American dollars are also accepted. Thank you!

For treks there are 3 price options A, B and C

A)  you trek with a local guide who speaks only Farsi.

B)   you trek with an English speaking guide if and when available.

C)   I join the trek. I often guide the day hikes, the cultural visits and join large groups on multi day treks. However, given sufficient notice I am happy to join any expedition.

Mules or horses for transporting backpacks are only available on some routes and at an extra cost, please enquire.

Day hikes have a fixed rate and applies for 3 sharing i.e. 4 with the guide sharing the same car for getting to and from the starting/finishing point, usually Khoonegeli.

Multi day treks have a fixed daily rate which is for the guide, his meals, his transport, plus any extra day(s) he may need to walk or travel to get to the start of the trek or go back home after the trek ends (for one way multi day treks). The rate depends partially on the altitude and the degree of difficulty of the trek and also the guide. Meals and hiring of equipment such as tents, trekking poles and mats when available are charged per equipment.

Please note:-
You are advised to bring your own sleeping bag, mat and especially trekking poles if you are used to using them. Other personal items such as headlamps, hydration packs etc. are the responsibility of each individual. I will provide the guide, tent, food, cups and bowls and other utensils, gas and transportation. The sleeping bags for rent are suitable for milder temperatures (minimum 8-10 degrees Celsius).

Providing information about yourselves for example; age, fitness, previous trekking experience, equipment, any chronic medical issues, interests such as local culture, flora or challenging high altitude summits etc. when making the initial enquiry will save time and help plan a more adequate trek

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I have 4 days for trekking in the Alamut Valley, what can I do?

Option 1

It would be possible to do 4 days from Lake Ovan to the Caspian hinterland via Khashechal summit( 4120 m). However, if you are to walk from the lake itself you really need 5 days of trekking plus the day to get there and to get to Tehran ie 7 days in total. If you wish to walk it in 4 days ie 6 days in total then you need to leave out the summit.

Option 2

Another option would be to start from Garmarood, where the ridge is lower and the summit you can do is off the path and is 3600m. There is a dirt road that you will have to cross 3 times on foot and there will be some cars passing from May until October but this will be a short stretch.

You may end either in Maran or in Yuj.

The main differences between the two are the crossing of a road which is absent from the first trek, and the fact that the first trek goes through some of the most pristine Hyrcanian forests terminating at 900m ASL but in option 2 the trek ends above the forest line at about 2200mASL and the rest is in …

Ski and Snowboarding in Iran

Leave your prejudices where you live and come skiing in Iran !

Yes, we have ski resorts and when people are busy skiing in Iran,   many European resorts  are waiting for their first snowfall ! 
Besides, you pay embarrassingly little to ski in Iran.
Here you have a list of all the ski resorts close to Tehran:
1. Tochal Ski resort, this is the highest ski resort in Iran. It starts close to the summit at 3850m and is some 1200m long. It is skiable for almost 8 months of the year! It is a short car drive from central Tehran.
2. Dizin, arguably the best ski resort in Iran,  it is situated deep in the central Alborz range with spectacular views of the Alborz summits such as Alam Kooh and Mount Damavand. It is a 3 hour drive from the capital. There are 7500m of ski pistes from 3600 m down to 2650m of altitude.
3. Darband Sar is 50KM north of Tehran. It is a good resort for experienced skiers.
4. Abali Ski resort is on the eastern part of the city and is one of the oldest …

Off-Road trips Iran

If you are looking to go off road in Iran and have your own vehicle or want to hire a four wheel drive 4WD vehicle in Iran with or without a driver then please write to or send a message to +989371501993