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Do not use banks to exchange currency

A few travellers have used banks to change money. This is a mistake as the banks will buy your foreign currency at a much lower state rate but will never sell you hard currency at that rate if you are left with the fast devaluing Iranian Rial, in fact the banks never sell hard currencies to anyone let alone foreigners so you lose out if you go to a bank! There are official bureau de changes where you can sell ( and only sometimes buy) your currency at the market rate. You can find them in most city centers as well as international airports. You do not need Iranian Rials to enter Iran, USD and Euros are readily exchangeable in Iran.

Update March 2020

The currency situation is very unstable at the moment. The US dollar has gone up from 42000 Rials to 1 USD in Spring 2019 to over 150000 Rials per 1 USD ( the euro being around 170.000 Rials per 1 euros at the time of this going to the press!!)

The advice is to exchange little by little.

Banks have resumed buying and selling currencies. They are now competing with the bureau de changes, but as the sanctions continue and the economy is still unstable the advise is still to exchange little by little and check the rates. Unfortunately the websites indicating the rates are in Farsi but here is one

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Welcome back

 The tourists can come back,  The Iranian government opened the borders to foreign tourism a couple of months ago but you need to be fully vaccinated again Covid 19 and show an update PCR Good place to visit,  Iran ! Welcome back. 

Irán: auténtico, natural y sano

Irán: auténtico, natural y sano Terminando mayo y aunque los planes para las vacaciones aún no están claros, nada nos impide soñar con lugares a donde nos gustaría viajar en cuanto podamos volver a hacerlo. Hoy le toca el turno a Irán , el país de los bazares, las alfombras y las mezquitas, pero también de gente amable y hospitalaria como ninguna otra, de una gastronomía exquisita y de paisajes naturales muy poco explorados y en muchos casos libres de infraestructura humana. No es de extrañar que el turismo en Irán esté creciendo a pasos acelerados después del levantamiento de las sanciones económicas en el 2015, ubicándose entre los primeros 10 destinos turísticos del Medio Oriente. Cada año hay más viajeros recorriendo principalmente las ciudades históricas de Isfahán y Shiraz, que se distinguen por su arquitectura persa y su encanto dinástico. Y cada día también hay más agencias de turismo surgiendo por doquier para atender la demanda de personas que se aventur

COVID-19 PCR Tests, Iran Tourism

June 2021, the Iranian Government is still not allowing tourists into the country. A campaign was recently set up to sign a petition asking the Government to allow tourists back in , now that mass vaccination is under way in many of the countries whose citizens have traditionally been interested in Iran as a holiday destination. In God we trust! Flingers crossed ! In-Sha-- Allah !!