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I have 4 days for trekking in the Alamut Valley, what can I do?

Option 1

It would be possible to do 4 days from Lake Ovan to the Caspian hinterland via Khashechal summit( 4120 m). However, if you are to walk from the lake itself you really need 5 days of trekking plus the day to get there and to get to Tehran ie 7 days in total. If you wish to walk it in 4 days ie 6 days in total then you need to leave out the summit.

Option 2

Another option would be to start from Garmarood, where the ridge is lower and the summit you can do is off the path and is 3600m. There is a dirt road that you will have to cross 3 times on foot and there will be some cars passing from May until October but this will be a short stretch.

You may end either in Maran or in Yuj.

The main differences between the two are the crossing of a road which is absent from the first trek, and the fact that the first trek goes through some of the most pristine Hyrcanian forests terminating at 900m ASL but in option 2 the trek ends above the forest line at about 2200mASL and the rest is in a 4WD. There are pine forests on this latter option however and the view over the Alam Massif is quite spectacular.In option 3 below you will also trek through Hyrcanian forest and terminate at 1000m ASL.

Option 3

Siyalan Summit the highest in Alamut at 4250m from Alamut Valley to Caspian hinterland in 3 days of trekking and 2 days from and to Tehran

A trek into the unknown part 1

I will try and keep this a secret. A semi-open secret. The route is mindblowingly beautiful. It is not for the fainthearted. You need to be fit and strong mentally and physically. There is no luxury. Nature can be harsh and indifferent to our suffering yet it can be soothing and protective at the same time.
I was adamant that I wanted to go down that trail on the other side of the valley. I had seen it a few years back from the distance. I had seen the continuation a few kilometers from a different valley and I wanted to join them up. There must be a way one can walk. The locals were not sure. Al, another local I trusted for new routes was not so sure it would get us anywhere either . What the hell if it doesn't but there must be a way out I said, we could always come back. We had started our trek a day earlier in Garmarood, we took the lesser known trail from Zeresk and we spent the night with the mighty Ms Malaki in Piche Bon. So far so good. There were 4 of us. Al, I, 2 guests, one from the UK and one from Berlin. The team was good, enthusiastic and got on well which is the most important point in a trek into the unknown.
When we reached what looked like houses from the distance 3 of us, all minus Al who got on with making tea sat in 3 quiet corners sobbing. The energy of the place was overwhelming. A few minutes earlier before crossing a snow field we had seen a 3 year old female brown bear standing on her feet amazed to see us there. She ran off before we reached her. The door to the houses were all shut by a layer of mud to withstand harsh winds and deep snow that fell in winter.

We carried on after tea. The trail was good, we used experience and instinct until we were surprised by a white water river. It was Spring and the water level was high. No bridge was to be seen. We had to cross by dipping into the freezing water or simply go back.

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A spectacular 5 day trek in the Alamut Valley

Day 1

We meet in Qazvin aka Caspin where the name Caspian is derived from, to start our journey into the Alamut Valley.

On the way we stop to see the Alamut Castle in Gazorkhan and also drive through the less known Andaj canyon

In the evening we reach ZarAbad village close to Lake Ovan where we would spend the night in ZarAbad eco-lodge

The trek is a medium to difficult trek suitable only for fit and seasoned hikers with adequate gear such as trekking boots, wind stoppers, water proof top and warm clothing.
Participants are required to bring personal items such as sleeping bags, mats, headlamps, hydration packs or water bottles plus trekking poles. Tents and kitchen utensils will be provided.

The trek is 5 days and you need to allocate 7 days for this trip.

The staring point is 1900m

The first night we reach 3400m

The highest point (reached on day 2) is the Khashechal summit at 4180m

The ending altitude is approximately 900 m

Transfer time from end point to lodge is 35minutes

Final day a visit to the Caspian sea at -27m !

Departure dates :

13th June 2018

4th July 2018

25th July 2018

15th August 2018

5th September 2018

26th September 2018

17th October 2018

7th November 2018

Included are:

Transfer from Qazvin bus terminal to Lake Ovan with stop to visit Alamut Castle

1 night in ZarAbad lodge

5 days of trekking with an English speaking guide


Transfer from end point to Khoonegeli

1 night in Khoonegeli

Visit to the Caspian sea

All food and refreshments

Transfer of excess luggage from Qazvin to Khoonegeli


Not included:

Entrance fee for Alamut Castle

Personal items such as sleeping bags, mats, hydration packs, trekking poles.


Price and conditions:

Minimum 4 and maximum 10 participants

Price per person 695 Euros payable in Euros or Rials at free market exchange rate.

30% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a place and the total amount is payable before the trek starts

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the trek due to low number of participants or any factor beyond their control in which case full refund will be made

Reservation and Enquiry:

info@alamuttrek.com or WhatsApp/Mobile +989123479103

Mobile 09112910700

Damavand- weekly expedition Summer 2018

Damavand Express, Weekly expedition to Mount Damavand, the highest point of Iran and the highest volcano in Asia. • Every Saturday starting the 1st of July- 3 days of trekking to the highest summit in Iran at 5671m • Full package from Tehran and back • Certified English speaking high altitude mountain guide • Entry fee • Mules • Food, mineral water, refreshments, refuge or tent • Minimum 4 and maximum 10 participants Package price 395 euros per person
To make a reservation or for any enquiries please contact us on Telegram 00989196769818 Mobile 00989112910700 Email info@alamuttrek.com

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Trek sharing in the Alamut Valley 2018

2 DAY SHARED TREK FROM GARMAROOD TO MARAN 3 departures each week; on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week starting on the 14th April 2018 until November 2018. This trek would suit young, fit, adventurous and easy going backpackers looking for a basic trek in the Alamut valley. The itinerary is as follows:- Day 1 Meet in Qazvin, transfer to Alamut Castle, visit the Castle and then transfer to your home stay in Garmarood, dinner. Day2. Trek from Garmarood to Piche Bon through some of the most picturesque routes. Night in a home stay in Piche Bon. Day 3 Trek from Piche Bon to Maran via Salambar Pass at 3200m on the Caspian side and transfer to Tonekabon, spend the night in a home stay . Day 4. Check out after breakfast to leave for your next destination. What is included? Transfer from Qazvin to Garmarood All food; from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 4 Home stays including bedding, you may have to share a room with others Transfer from Maran to Tonekabon Skilled and experienced local Farsi speaking guide. What is not included? Entrance fee for Alamut Castle Lunch on day 1 Insurance Excess luggage transfer, this is possible to add to the required services, the cost is 15 euros per bag, we will take your bag from you in Qazvin and hand it over to you in the home stay in Tonekabon Mules or horses to carry your backpack. Tips Reservation and Payment The trek is for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people The price is 175 euros per person including the above mentioned services which is payable in full on booking. This is the package price and payable in full even if you do not use part of the service e.g. the transfer from Qazvin. The exchange rate if paying in Tomans is the free market rate. Payment may be made via PayPal or into an Iranian bank account, PayPal commission charges are to be covered by the traveller. Full refund is made if the tour does not reach the minimum number of participants. No refund is made if there is a cancellation by the traveller. To make a reservation or any enquiries please email info@alamuttrek.com

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Alamut- in depth

َA good source of general information about Iran is the Iranica encyclopedia. However, readers should be aware that some of the historical facts mentioned are disputed by Iranian historians as being a regurgitation of European and north american historians who wrote the history to suit the imperial interests of the west and are not backed up by any hard evidence, this includes the invasion of the Moguls and the Arabs. http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/alamut-valley-alborz-northeast-of-qazvin-