jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018

A trek into the unknown part 1

I will try and keep this a secret. A semi-open secret. The route is mindblowingly beautiful. It is not for the fainthearted. You need to be fit and strong mentally and physically. There is no luxury. Nature can be harsh and indifferent to our suffering yet it can be soothing and protective at the same time.
I was adamant that I wanted to go down that trail on the other side of the valley. I had seen it a few years back from the distance. I had seen the continuation a few kilometers from a different valley and I wanted to join them up. There must be a way one can walk. The locals were not sure. Al, another local I trusted for new routes was not so sure it would get us anywhere either . What the hell if it doesn't but there must be a way out I said, we could always come back. We had started our trek a day earlier in Garmarood, we took the lesser known trail from Zeresk and we spent the night with the mighty Ms Malaki in Piche Bon. So far so good. There were 4 of us. Al, I, 2 guests, one from the UK and one from Berlin. The team was good, enthusiastic and got on well which is the most important point in a trek into the unknown.
When we reached what looked like houses from the distance 3 of us, all minus Al who got on with making tea sat in 3 quiet corners sobbing. The energy of the place was overwhelming. A few minutes earlier before crossing a snow field we had seen a 3 year old female brown bear standing on her feet amazed to see us there. She ran off before we reached her. The door to the houses were all shut by a layer of mud to withstand harsh winds and deep snow that fell in winter.

We carried on after tea. The trail was good, we used experience and instinct until we were surprised by a white water river. It was Spring and the water level was high. No bridge was to be seen. We had to cross by dipping into the freezing water or simply go back.